Our Strategic Plan

The University of Stirling is an international university with a global reputation for high-quality teaching and research. By striving for success, our teaching and research makes a real and demonstrable impact on the economy, environment and society, in Scotland and beyond.

The Strategic Plan 2016-2021 set ambitious targets, underpinning a vision to be recognised across the world as a university that addresses the needs of society through innovative interdisciplinary research, learning and teaching of the highest quality and by sharing our knowledge with the world.

Strategic Plan Addendum 2021-23

The emergence and subsequent consequences of COVID-19 signalled a rethink of the timeline and development of the next Strategic Plan, initially intended to be a 2021-26 strategy. Reflecting on the challenges presented by the pandemic and our focus on recovery, University Court approved the development of an Addendum to the current Strategic Plan for the period 2021-23.

The Addendum continues the existing headline vision: to be one of the top 25 universities in the UK, to increase income by £50m, to enhance the research profile by 100 percent and to ensure internationalisation is at the heart of everything we do. It highlights the key achievements from 2016-2021 and sets out the strategic priorities for 2021-23 to deliver further progress towards our overarching ambitions.

The Addendum period may be viewed as a transitional phase, during which the University would continue to respond to the live events and disruptions caused by Covid-19 while, more crucially, preparing for and enabling sustained success post-Covid. Following conclusion of the Addendum period, it would be the University’s intention to bring forward a five-year strategy (2023-28).