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Clearing opens on 5 July 2023, but UK and Republic of Ireland applicants can get ahead of the crowd and register their interest today. 

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All about Clearing

How do I prepare for results day?

Whatever happens with your results, there’s still going to be plenty of options for you. See our guide to preparing for Results Day for lots more hints and tips.

On the run up to both the SQA and A-level results days we're running a number of online information sessions which can help give you a more detailed understanding on what to expect. Get more details on dates, times and what we'll be talking about.

What if I don't get the results I expected?

Don’t panic! As soon as you’ve got your results you can log into UCAS Hub from 8am to see the status of your offers. (A-Level students can check from 8am while SQA results are not available until 9am.)

Don’t just assume you’ve automatically lost your place if you haven’t attained all conditions of your firm or insurance offer. UCAS Hub will tell you if you’re eligible to go into Clearing. You can then start searching for available university places.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is part of the UCAS application process for undergraduates. It’s a way of matching students without a university place to universities who have course places to fill. See more in our guide to Clearing.

Who can use Clearing?

You’ll typically be eligible to use Clearing if you:

  • Apply to university after 30 June
  • Have applied but aren’t holding any offers
  • Declined the offers you did receive
  • Didn’t meet the criteria of your conditional offers

I’ve not applied previously for a university place through UCAS – can I still apply via Clearing?

Yes but you need to be quick. We recommend contacting one of our Clearing Advisers on our Helpline or through LiveChat on our website and they will take you through the processes that are most suitable for you.

Can I apply for Clearing before results day?

No - you cannot apply for Clearing until you've received your results. However, information on our Clearing courses will be available from early July giving you a chance to research your options.

If you register for updates, we will let you know when our university Clearing courses are available.

When does Clearing start and end?

Clearing opens on 5 July 2023 and closes in September 2023. However, remember that the majority of undergraduate courses start in September and that most courses only have limited availability – so you really shouldn’t leave Clearing until the last minute.

How do I know if I’m in Clearing?

Your UCAS Hub status will say “You are in Clearing”.

How do I find Clearing places?

You can search on the UCAS website or you can go to the university website. On the University of Stirling website there’s a list of available courses depending on where you’re from:

How do I apply for Clearing?

Once you’ve found a course you’re interested in then you should contact the university to see if you meet the entry requirements and that they have vacancies for you. If you are offered a place you will be talked through the specific processes you will need to go through and also have these emailed to you. Officially accepting your offer is a straight forward process for most applications but if at any time you have any questions you can contact the University Clearing Advisers through the helpline.

Where can I find my Clearing ID?

If you’ve already applied through UCAS and you’re eligible for Clearing, your Clearing number will be on your UCAS Hub welcome page.

Can I use Clearing if I already have a firm offer?

Holding another offer does not stop you coming to the University of Stirling. If you contact our Clearing helpline we'll be happy to check your eligibility and talk you through the processes involved.

How do I add a Clearing choice on UCAS Hub? How many UCAS courses can you apply to?

Go to the option “Add a Clearing choice”. You can only apply for one choice at a time on UCAS Hub. If you change your mind and want to apply for another course after you’ve added a choice, then you need to be released from that university which will cancel your place so you’re able to apply again through Clearing.

Can I still get a student loan if I go through Clearing?

Yes you can but you’ll need to get in touch with your relevant student finance organisation.


Clearing at the University of Stirling

What course places are available in Clearing?

When Clearing opens all our available courses will be on our website. There’s a list of courses depending on where you’re from

You can also search on the UCAS website.

How do I get in touch with the University of Stirling about Clearing?

Contact our admissions team on They are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

When does the University of Stirling Clearing helpline open?

The Clearing helpline will open in July 2023.

If you have any questions just now then you can email our admissions team on

What can I expect when I call the University of Clearing helpline?

You’ll talk to one of our friendly Clearing team members who is there to help you. Make sure you have a note of your exam results, UCAS personal ID and Clearing ID. They’ll check if you’re eligible for Clearing and then let you know of your options. For some of our courses you might be invited to have a short phone interview.

I can’t get through to the University of Stirling Clearing helpline, what do I do?

Please keep trying. On results day we will be busy but we’ll answer your call as soon as possible. You will also be able to contact us through live chat.

What details do I need when contacting the University?

You need your results as well as your UCAS personal and clearing ID numbers. It also good to have read over your UCAS personal statement in case you’re asked about your motivations for study. We also recommend you have a list of questions prepared that you want to ask.

What happens if I receive an offer from the University of Stirling?

You’ll be given a verbal offer then we’ll send you a confirmation email the same day, usually from (remember to check your spam folders). You don’t have to accept straight away – you’ll have time to consider but please remember spaces can be very limited for certain courses and we may only be able to hold your space for a short time.

If you decide to accept our offer, we’ll give you details explaining the processes you need to go through.

Where do I get information about being a new student at the University of Stirling?

Our Clearing helpline staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about studying with us. You can also go to our Welcome Website for new students which has lots of information about what you can expect in your first weeks.

Can I still apply for accommodation at the University of Stirling?

After accepting your place we'll send you an email with instructions on how to apply for accommodation at Stirling.

If you're from England, Northern Ireland, Wales or Overseas, we’ll guarantee you an offer of University-managed accommodation in your first year of study if you meet the eligibility criteria. See our accommodation.

I want to apply for a postgraduate or Masters course – can I apply thought Clearing?

The Clearing process is only for undergraduate course place but don’t worry as at the University of Stirling we accept applications for our postgraduate Masters courses all year round.  Search our courses now to find your place and start your application.

I’m a parent, guardian or carer – can you give me advice about Clearing?

Read our guide to Clearing for parents, guardians and carers with lots of advice about supporting your student through the Clearing process.

I’m a teacher or adviser looking to support my students through Clearing. Can you give me advice?

Questions about Clearing?

Get in touch and talk to our admissions team about Clearing.