Fees, scholarships and funding

Choosing to study in the UK is a big decision and we understand that finance is a key factor. We offer a number of scholarships and funding options to help you achieve your academic ambitions.

What does it cost to study at Stirling?

Each of our course pages details the cost of fees for international students. 

Typical living costs

It's important to put together a budget for living costs at university so that you can see the potential costs of living away from home. The cost of living can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle and spending habits.

Cost of living

What funding am I eligible for?

If you’re thinking about studying in the UK, have you thought about applying for a scholarship or funding? Start thinking about scholarships as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out. Most scholarship providers require you to hold at least a provisional offer of a place at university before applying. For a successful visa application, you’ll need funding covering the full cost of the first year of studies. If you have the talent, we aim to help you succeed and study at the University of Stirling.

USA Federal Education Loans

Student loans are provided by the US Government to eligible students on eligible programmes of study. The University of Stirling is an approved Title IV institution for the purpose of administering these loans. If you need to apply for a loan for the upcoming academic year please email fedloans@stir.ac.uk after you have completed your FAFSA application.

Our school code is G10228.

International Student Loans for Master's Degrees

There are external loan providers operating in various countries that can help international students fund their studies at the University of Stirling. For example, Prodigy Finance offers loans covering tuition fees to international students pursuing Masters level study, subject to eligibility. Interested students can apply directly to Prodigy Finance.

Students with loans are still required to pay their tuition fee deposit (apart from USA Federal Loans or full funding Canadian Provincial Loans). If the loan payment is made directly to the University, as is the case with Prodigy Finance, we will refund the initial deposit payment upon receipt of full funding. To be eligible for this refund, the deposit payment must be made via FlyWire or TransferMate.

The University of Stirling will only accept loan payments for student tuition fees. Loans for living expenses cannot be processed through the University. When considering loans to fund studies, we encourage students to carefully review repayment terms and interest rates.