MSK event brings healthcare experts and academics together

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Six healthcare experts and academics stood next to each other outside
Wendy Nimmo, Innovation Lead, NHS Forth Valley, Professor Ashley Shepherd, Terence Savaridas, Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinical Director for Research & Development, NHS Forth Valley, Professor Jayne Donaldson, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport, Univ

More than 75 healthcare professionals gathered at the University of Stirling on 21 April to hear about the latest research and innovation into musculoskeletal conditions.

The half day event ‘A Practical Exploration of Triple Helix Partnerships for Health and Social Care in Forth Valley’ was organised as part of the Forth Valley University College NHS Partnership and brought together staff from across NHS, Health, and Social Care Partnerships with academics from the University, Forth Valley College and interested industry partners.

Delegates explored and discussed current strategies to alleviate ongoing challenges in access, prevention, assessment of outcomes and health promotion, as well as improvements that could be made.

Professor Ashley Shepherd, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport at the University of Stirling and University Partnership lead for Research and Innovation, said: “The event was attended by a cross section of NHS Forth Valley health professionals who care and treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions, academics from a number of faculties who undertake research in this area, as well as colleagues from Forth Valley College. 

“Feedback following the event has been really positive with participants stating it was inspiring, thought provoking and allowed us, using design thinking, to consider initially the problems that patients may face on their treatment journey.  

“There will be a follow up meeting in June to start to consider how a re-design of patient pathways may begin to improve outcomes.”

Wendy Nimmo, Innovation Lead, NHS Forth Valley, said: “Musculoskeletal is one of the first joint research and innovation priorities agreed by the new Partnership.

“The event was well attended with representation from NHS, academia and industry partners. It also included people living with a range of musculoskeletal conditions and focussed on how research and innovation could be used to help improve the patient journey and experience.”

Sarah Higgins-Rollo, Vice Principal Learning and Student Experience, Forth Valley College, said: “Events like these are exactly what the Forth Valley University College NHS Partnership was created to encourage and promote. The partnership is already going from strength to strength and making a difference in health care innovation, provision and training in the Forth Valley area and beyond.”

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