General University Ethics Panel

The General University Ethics Panel (GUEP) considers most research proposals which do not involve animals, require approval by the NHS Research Ethics Committee or involve physically invasive procedures or intrusive interventions on human participants.

The panel helps to ensure that all research carried out by University of Stirling staff and students is subject to the same high ethical standards we apply to animal or clinical research. Research areas considered by the GUEP might include – but are not limited to – environmental, social or digital research.

GUEP Process for Undergraduates & Postgraduate Taught Students

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught student ethics applications are assessed at Faculty level and approved on a risk based approach. The risk based approach considers potential harms to the primary research participant, the researcher, environment and other stakeholders, and will assess applications against the University’s hierarchy of risk.

Students who carry out low risk research must complete the low risk ethics approval approval process via ERM. This must then be signed off by both their dissertation supervisor and either the second supervisor or the module coordinator. Any application that exceeds minimal risk must further be approved by the Delegated Authority within the Faculty. 

Students are responsible for ensuring that ethical approval has been granted before any data collection or fieldwork commences. Deliberate avoidance or refusal to engage with the ethical review process will be considered to be an act of academic misconduct by the student and handled in accordance with the Academic Misconduct Policy. 

Ethics review process for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students.

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Submission deadlines

The GUEP panel meets regularly throughout the year to consider ethical approval applications. See their schedule of upcoming meetings and submission deadlines below.

Applications due (5pm)

Meeting date

3 January 2023 17 January 2023
27 January 2023 14 February 2023
24 February 2023 14 March 2023
31 March 2023 18 April 2023
4 May 2023 23 May 2023
2 June 2023 20 June 2023
30 June 2023 18 July 2023
28 July 2023 15 August 2023
25 August 2023 12 September 2023 
22 September 2023 10 October 2023
20 October 2023 7 November 2023
17 November 2023 5 December 2023

GUEP Membership




Lay Chair

Marilyn Moore


Deputy Chairs

Helen Cheyne

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport


Catherine Hennessy

Faculty of Social Sciences


Iain MacRury

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Panel Members 

Stella Mouroutsou

Faculty of Social Sciences 

Melanie Lovatt

Faculty of Social Sciences


Fiona Morrison

Faculty of Social Sciences


Grant Gibson

Faculty of Social Sciences


Maria Fotopoulou

Faculty of Social Sciences


Ben Matthews

Faculty of Social Sciences


Andrew Kirkland

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport


Sarah Zipp

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport


Emma King

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport


Emma France

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport


Purva Abhyankar

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport


Ruaraidh Dobson

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport


Rachel O'Donnell

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport


Simon Hope

Faculty of Arts & Humanities


Guido Noto La Diega

Faculty of Arts & Humanities


Lisa Evans 

Stirling Management School


David McMillan

Stirling Management School


Anna Kirpichnikova

Faculty of Natural Sciences


Dave Little

Faculty of Natural Sciences


Kumiko Fukumura

Faculty of Natural Sciences


Tony Robertson

Faculty of Natural Sciences


Thiago Silva

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Expert member

Alec Spencer


 Lay members

Irene Aylott



Kirsty Watson



James Baker

Research, Innovation and Business Engagement

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