Ask an expert

Our staff are one of our greatest assets. In this section, we've spoken to some of our academic experts to get their insight into the benefits of studying at Stirling. They also answer some of your top questions in certain subject areas.

Accounting, Investment, Banking and Finance

Hear from Professor David McMillan about the benefits of studying a finance-related Masters degree at Stirling.

Communications, Media and Culture

Dr Katherine Champion, explains how studying at Stirling can enhance your career prospects.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Anne explains more about the TESOL courses on offer and why Stirling is one of the leading institutions for education in Scotland.

Data Science and FinTech

Dr Kevin Swingler explains how Stirling’s data science and financial technology courses will equip you to play a vital role in the future of data.

Health Sciences and Sport

Professor Jayne Donaldson explains why Stirling is the ideal place to study health sciences and sport.


Professor Paul Dudchenko discusses the benefits of studying Psychology at Stirling.